Tug & Barge Solutions specializes in Safety and Compliance for the towing industry.

We have developed TSMS’s for both coastal and inland companies. 

     Tug & Barge Solutions’ TSMS is second to none.  We have had it vetted by two class societies and one TPO and it meets Sub M and the ISM Code.  We have used it for AWO RCP and it has come through with flying colors.  It has been through 5 AWO RCP audits in 2017 and 11 AWO RCP audits in 2016. And for the last two years we have been refining the Sub M policies, procedures and forms in the field.  Our customers make it usable and continually improve on its functionality. When you work with us you not only get our knowledge, experience and expertise, but that of our TSMS family of companies.

We have not only assessed the companies that we work for, but also our own performance and we keep improving.  It’s never ending and we live for it.

We have paterned with HelmConnect software and our TSMS is integrated into their software. The best TSMS on the market is now available with the best compliance software on the market!

For more information, please call (251) 459-9891 or email us at info@tugandbargesolutions.com.
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